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First Internet Group

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book but were put off by the maze of publishers, agents and the editing process? We can help. Let's talk about your project. With the advent of publish-on-demand and electronic content we can support your work to any extent needed through paper books, electronic books, pamphlets and digital media.


First Internet Group

We create and manage your website so you can concentrate on running your business. We act as one of your staff responding to your changing business.

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First Internet Group

We provide a variety of digital internet services to individuals and small companies who want to create or improve their web business. Once your site is up we maintain it through regular updates and improvements assuring continued relevance and appeal to your customers.

Our Multimedia First group produces printed and electronic media in support of your dreams.

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The First Internet Group includes a growing family of websites covering many interesting areas of life.

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The Gift of a Lifetime .... We build hand-crafted displays that chronicle the significant events of a person's lifetime. Built on a 'Road of Life' theme each display is created from information you and others supply. Your intimate knowledge of the recipient ensures that this one-of-a-kind display will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Welcome to First Internet Group

Digital Services and Products

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We are a small company based in the New York City area providing digital media services and consulting to individuals and small businesses. We work either on a fixed fee contract basis or in partnership with our clients sharing in their success. In the later case, up-front costs to the client are low in anticipation of future success. In both cases, we act as if we are a direct part of your business by sharing and attaining your goals. Typical projects may include some or all of the following, all while minimizing costs to your company ....

  • Business Creation consulting [LLC]
  • Accounting Software setup with automatic bank account synchronization, accounts receivable, payable, sales and invoicing.
  • Business IT Services: 'cloud computing', cost reduction
  • Web Presence creation including website hosting, ongoing month-to-month maintenance and routine modifications to suit the business.
  • Online 'store' setup and ongoing maintenance.
  • Product Distribution [limited to initial offerings of new products]
  • Printed Books using publish-on-demand technology.
  • Ensure total ownership of your material remains yours. We require that you secure your own IBMN number to ensure you have control over future publishing rights.
  • Integration with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other recognized sales outlets.
  • Your own website dedicated to your works.
  • Our company began in 2001 by providing hand-made diorama displays custom-crafted to depict the events of  an individual's lifetime. These unique displays begin through a series of on-line collaborations coordinated by our 'Dreams On Display' company. We continue to offer these displays today using collaborative, social media to collect the memories of a lifetime.
  • Custom adjustable-height craft tables.


We operate as an extension of your business filling the role of in-house IT group, business consultant, webmaster and publications department. We support your success by providing these technical services so you can focus on creating and promoting your products.

Your Dream Is Our Focus.



We bring author's dreams to life through printed and electronic media by taking advantage of print on demand services. You now have the opportunity to realize your dream of publishing without the limitations of the traditional agent-publisher funnel.

Let us work by your side in support of your writing. We can guide you in the use of writing tools, provide editing service, obtain your unique IBN number, and protect your work by ensuring your have full control of its ownership and copyright.



Images, video, ad copy, pamphlets .... the Internet is filled with visual content. Handheld devices are bringing this material wherever we go. We assist with formatting and publishing electronic material for consumption by a growing base of mobile devices.

The FIRST Family

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Meet the family. Introducing special interest areas to The First Internet Group of sites. Check back as these sites develop.




Resume Site, Blog, eCommerce Site, Non-profit, Community Site .... We provide incubation services for individuals establishing their presence on the web. Our knowledge of the intricacies of web presence frees you to focus on your product or service. We can provide a unique website for your business, an eStore with your brand, or advertising materials in print or electronic form.

Once your site is up and running, we provide full maintenance including upgrades, modifications and new product postings.


Distinct colors and consistent presentation convey your company's image. We place great value on this consistency.


Your web presence now extends away from the desktop onto a variety of handheld devices. Each device has an optimum presentation format for your information. Our web designs begin with attention to all categories of mobile device including smartphones, tablets and PCs.


Integration with Facebook and other social media sites.


In select cases in our local New York area, we facilitate physical distribution of your products relieving you of the burden of getting your product to market. Let us handle your incoming orders and the attendant shipping and returns handling.


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With age comes wisdom. Life Displays are hand-crafted, three dimensional displays that celebrate the accomplishments of a lifetime. Each one-of-a-kind display presents the significant events of a person's life in chronological order using a 'Road Of Life' theme. We collect information about the individual from the individual's friends, family and co-workers by leveraging the power of the social, collaborative Internet. We add old world craftsmanship to the mix to produce the display. What a wonderful gift to celebrate significant life milestones such as retirement, a wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or other key life moment.


Ergonomic, height adjustable work tables custom built to your requirements. Interchangeable end pieces and a wide selection of drawers and accessories let you design as little or as much of a table as you need. Perfect for avid crafters, scrapbookers, and office workers.